Emergency Appeal

CAFOD International Coranavirus Emergency Appeal.

For many of our brothers and sisters across the globe the choice is stark. Die of coronavirus or die of starvation.

CAFOD has joined forces with the UK Disasters Emergencies Committee to help millions of people whose lives are at risk as coronavirus spreads across refugee camps and countries suffering conflict. Families who have been forced to flee their homes in places including Syria, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, now face another deadly threat as coronavirus takes hold in new areas.

CAFOD Director, Christine Allen, said: “In the UK our struggle against coronavirus has entered the next phase, but in many of the world’s poorest communities, the fight has only just begun. Families who have fled conflict, and are living in crowded camps or makeshift shelters, are especially vulnerable.

“We need your support to reach these communities and help people to cope as best they can when an outbreak of the virus strikes.” Watch this short video of how CAFOD supporters are keeping hopes alive in Sierra Leone.

To donate to the appeal via the Exeter Catholic Parishes JustGiving page and for more information please click here.

Or use CAFOD’s Summer of Hope fundraising ideas with your families and friends to transform lockdown and raise money for the appeal.

You can also make donations by phone 0303 303 3030 or send cheques made payable to CAFOD to  CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal, Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1.